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Thread: how to put Biss keys in Humax 5400(help)

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    minime Guest

    Default how to put Biss keys in Humax 5400(help)

    Hey there

    i know its by updating a PMCT
    but all of them never work

    should Hotbird be Number One or two ?

    cause the ID for the channle is always wrong
    how can i enter the Keys and change the Id channle Manuly

    if i cant ..i have PMCTOOL how can i change it there??

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    ALIBE Guest

    Default Re: how to put Biss keys in Humax 5400(help)

    Hi Minime,

    Should Hotbird be Antenna 1 or 2
    There is no right answer to this. Personally, I have Astra as Antenna 1 and Hotbird as Antenna 2. However, the Cyrus channel list (down-loadable from Laurals) has them the other way round. If you have the Disecq system for selecting LNB's, then your settings will be different depending on the way the antennas are set.

    The ID for the channels are wrong
    Most PMC Tables are designed based on Astra being on Antenna 1 and Hotbird on Antenna 2. You may need to do some alterations if your antenna are set differently.
    You should note that entries such as BISS codes and Fixed Constant Words (FCW) always use the number 21 in the Ant-ID column of the PMC Table.

    How can I change the BISS Key manually
    You can indeed change the settings in the PMC Table using your remote control. However, the changes are not permanent and they will revert to the previous settings if you power your receiver down.

    Select: Menu / ToH/ EPG / PMCT
    Scroll down to the BISS codes (normally about 10 pages down)
    Select: O.K. button (top entry turns red)
    Scroll down to the appropriate line.
    Scroll right to the start of the key (box headed ID/ECM)
    Key in the first 4 digits (2 x 2) of the code.
    Scroll right and enter next 4 digits
    Scroll right and enter next 4 digits
    Scroll right and enter last 4 digits
    Select: O.K. and exit PMC Table.

    Note: Fixed Control Words are 32 digits long and use two lines to record all the code.

    How do I change the BISS key using PMC Tool
    Run PMC Tool software and open an existing PMC Table.
    Scroll down the table until you see the existing BISS key entry.
    Double click on the appropriate line.
    Click on the sixth box (box after 2600 CA-ID)
    Enter first 4 digits (2 x 2) of the new key.
    Repeat for the remaining digits in the next 3 boxes.
    The last box should always show 0000.
    Click on O.K. to accept changes.
    Upload the altered PMC Table to your receiver.

    Some things to remember.
    Most BISS channels are on the less popular satellites and are mainly reachable by people with moveable dishes.
    Providers on Hotbird using Fixed Constant Words change the codes regularly. Most PMC Tables will contain codes that are already out of date.
    If you have altered a PMC Table to suit your set-up, then save a copy of it for future reference. You never know when you might have to reload it and downloading it from your Humax is slow and long-winded.

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