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Thread: icecrypt s3500 problem

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    david273d Guest

    Default icecrypt s3500 problem

    hello i have a icecrypt s3500 box.i installed plugin bundle with x cam client but when i try and go on to xcam configure to enter my line nothing comes up and box crashes can any 1 help please

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    football Guest

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    What message do you get when starting the XCAM plugin, it should say Starting then [1] C: Line Checking. Then finally XCAMCL Install Completed.

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    Default Re: icecrypt s3500 problem

    can someone help please put 2 clines in my plugin on my icecrypt s3500 hdcci both were wrong,i put all the info in the server url,now every time i switch on the reciever it freeze cant do any thing with it
    Does anyone know how many clines a icecrypt s3500hdcci can have

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