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    does anyone know what causes the power supply unit to keep rebooting every few minutes also when on the sound will go off and you have the switch off to regain sound its a pest? any help appreciated

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    Generally when a box reboots like this it is a heat problem. There is normally a thermal cut-out that triggers, hence the reboot. So I'd recommend that you check:

    1. Is the box free standing? If it is underneath other equipment, or in a confined space free up 'air' around it to allow the cooling flows to work. Is the box housing hot?
    2. Do you have it running off a plug socket with many other devices? This can cause 'brown outs' - i.e. unreliable power to the box, this can cause reboots.
    3. Have you added any software / mods that are not from reliable sources? These can cause stability problems. Thinking back to my Spiderbox, I think there was limited plugins / modification so this is a long shot.
    4. Check any plug fuses. Sometimes these can cause problems.

    As a simple test, get a fan and point it at your box. If it suddenly becomes more reliable, you know for sure it is a heat issue.

    Good luck,


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