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Thread: Xtrend ET-6000 [How to add TSpanel - CCcam - clines & softcam keys]

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    Default Xtrend ET-6000 [How to add TSpanel - CCcam - clines & softcam keys]

    This is the simplest way to add [TSpanel - CCcam - clines & softcam keys] to to any image.

    First download and run either VuCC or ETCC [ETCC can be downloaded from HERE]

    You can download TSpanel from HERE

    Once you have ETCC open simply follow the instructions below:

    Add your receivers IP address in the IP Address window.

    Once you have entered the receivers IP Address click connect

    Once you see login message, click the IPK Installer button

    Click the locate folder button, and locate the folder where you stored the unzipped TSpanel file.
    It's important you have unzipped TSpanel

    When you see the correct file displayed in the IPK Filename window, click the Upload and Instal IPK File button

    Wait until the file has been fully uploaded to the Xtrend, and now can then close ETCC.

    Reboot the Xtrend, and when it re-starts click the Menu button and you will see TSPanel displayed.

    Now we can add the Emu's, in this case it will be CCcam 2.21

    Click the TSpanel button

    Now click the Addons option

    As I am running my prefered image [ViX] I selected the linuxsat support addons option
    you may of course select any regardless of what image you have installed.

    Now I selected the Cams - ViX option
    again you can select any one you wish.

    Now select the Emu you wish to use,
    here we selected CCcam 2.2.1, which is also perfect suited for opening the audio on 30 west.

    Once the emu has been installed click OK to instal another, or the Blue button to restart enigma.

    Once you have finished installing the emu's, and clicked the Blue button to restart enigma

    You can now [once the receiver has restarted] click the Blue button and click Softcam Manager

    Now simply select the emu you wish to use by highlighting it and clicking the OK button

    And that's it you have now added TSpanel and installed the Emu's

    I'm sure you all know how to use DCC by now, so there is no point is adding the images for this part.

    To add your CCcam.cfg and softcam keys open and run DCC.
    And add the CCcam.cfg to var/etc -> /etc
    Finally add the softcam keys to usr/keys

    And that's it.

    All the best

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    boug Guest

    Default Re: Xtrend ET-6000 [How to add TSpanel - CCcam - clines & softcam keys]

    Hi laurals53,
    I am new to this forum.
    I dont know how to use DCC. Could you please explain.
    Thanks so much.

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