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Thread: BMP to Logo Tool

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    Default BMP to Logo Tool

    BMP to Logo Tool

    : Put this tool in one fold, for example: D:\BMPtoLOGO\*.*
    2. prepare logo file, it should be 24 bit BMP format, and the size of input BMP file must be
    720*480(NTSC) or 720*576(PAL), and put this file on the same fold of the tool, for example: D:\BMPtoLOGO\*.bmp
    3. Run "bmp2logo.exe"
    Step1: Select "Open" to open D:\logo.bmp
    Step2: enter size of logo in "Size", please do not input "bitrate" (the size is more bigger, the convert picture
    will be more clear)
    Step3: select "Convert" button to generate object file, for example "D:\BMPtoLOGO\*.m2v"
    4. Use upgrade tool or compile main code again to merge this logo file

    I use size of 40.8Kb and Bitrate of 122880Kbps myself. Experiment to see what suits you.
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    Default Re: BMP to Logo Tool

    handy little app thanks

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