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Thread: Cccam.cfg not found

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    fured Guest

    Default Cccam.cfg not found

    can you tell me why it says can not find Cccam.cfg file, it is on usb pen. and it says usb conected,thanks

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    Default Re: Cccam.cfg not found

    use a different flash pen m8 happened to me when i was updating firmware 3 pens before i found one that the openbox could read ,some of these flash pens are rubbish

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    fured Guest

    Default Re: Cccam.cfg not found

    Thanks,but it finds the pen ok,it found the dump and installed that ok,its just the cccam it wont find

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    cascara Guest

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    The file must be in the root of the drive that is not in a folder/directory.

    I am not sure whether the box is case-sensitive when it reada the file names but ensure the file is named - CCcam.cfg

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    stamfordblue Guest

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    I have found the the box can screw up the contents on a memory stick sometimes.
    And that was after the supposedly safe removal from the box!

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